Surf Chimps – 001

Word Count – 1400 

In 1985, athlete and writer Derek L. Hewitt sold the film rights to his autobiography Ridin’ High, the story of a young boy living in southern california and the valuable lessons he learned throughout his life. As the film treatment was handed to several writers to begin creating a script, rumours began to circulate that the film was losing investors and studio interest. Various executive notes, such as a title change and the addition of a chimp to the cast, led many to believe that the project was doomed to failure. Sabotage was suspected on all levels, and the project fell into limbo. Since then, various drafts of the script have passed through the hands of dozens of writers and film makers in Hollywood in a desperate attempt to save it. To this day, no one has come forward to claim they have worked on the script, and no physical copies of it in any stage of development have ever been made public.

Until now…

Click to enlarge chimps 2.

3. 4.


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