Shameless Self Promotion – Vote or Die part 2, One Month In The Can

Word Count – 500

Ahoy, loyal Placeholdarians. It’s J.D. once again, with a few important announcements for you.

First of all, I’d like to give you all a giant, sweaty, uncomfortably long hug for getting the word out and voting for me in the whole stand up contest thing. I gained a lot of ground, and though the race isn’t over, it should make the next few days very nerve racking.

A few people have asked me if they are able to vote for me more than once over the next week to keep my score up, but let me say, I have no idea if YOU ARE INDEED ABLE TO DO THAT. I don’t have a very intense knowledge of how their voting system works, and would not know, if for say, EVERY 24 HOURS THE SYSTEM LETS YOU VOTE FOR PEOPLE AGAIN, or anything. Which, I’ll admit, would be a nice thing to know, considering the fact that I DOUBT THE OTHER CONTESTANTS KNOW ABOUT THIS, and that since THE VOTING IS GOING ON ALL THIS WEEK, it might give me the necessary boost to get into the top 10 and stay there. Still, who knows? It’s not like I STAYED UP REALLY LATE AND FIGURED THIS OUT LAST NIGHT or anything. So, yeah, thanks again for voting, and keep telling your friends and spreading the good vibrations around.

The reason I bring this up is The Placeholder will be experiencing some radio silence for the next week or so, as I am traveling back to Ontario to visit my family, see some concerts, and sell some of the dvds that continue to burn holes in my subconscious mind. I’m reminding you all now, because I won’t be around to bother you in last few days of voting, so I need you all to keep your pants of internet victory on and keep fighting the good fight for me while I’m awol.

Announcement number two is that today marks the end of a mini-milestone at The Placeholder. This site was launched a month ago with only one goal in mind, to post something new, every weekday, for the entire month. I’m happy to report that this goal was fucking met, and though that may not seem like a big deal to most you, for us it is huge. This is the most dependable and long lasting incarnation of The Placeholder that has ever existed on the web, and I assure you that the lovely Tim and I will keep the gravy train rolling in the months to come. Checkpoint number one of making it through the month without killing ourselves was only the first step. The other steps are going to be kept close to the vest, but keep your eyes peeled in october for new articles, videos, and all the other terrifyingly wonderful things you have come to expect from us.

Alright, I’m gone. Don’t worry, I won’t be making a habit of treating this thing like a boring bullshit blog very often. You can relax and resume masturbating now.

– J.D. Renaud

by Mike Monteiro


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