About Us

So, “what the hell is all this?”, I’m sure you’re asking. Excellent question.

The Placeholder began as an excuse to avoid real work, which then led to a way to annoy our friends, and then became the bain of our existences for the several years succeeding that. What had once been a simple forum for fake news pieces and character based ramblings soon turned into a veritable looming juggernaut of multimedia that demanded our attention. Whenever more conventional pursuits had been deemed too boring or daunting to continue with, The Placeholder was there to satiate our needs. Crafted in the images of a magazine or blog, it never fully materialized in either format. Rigid structure doomed it to failure.

What you see now and what we now call The Placeholder is just that, the open field and designated ground zero that we are free to spread open and defile with our words at will. An animal that will either die or kill and eat us if we do not feed it. It is where J.D. Renaud and Timothy Legion are permitted their freedom to annoy and confuse you with the things they have made to try and make the other one laugh. This includes words, pictures, videos, and information on where to see us do these things live.

It’s The Placeholder. You’re Welcome.