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The Picture Radio – Whack Hack

Hey, it’s me. Yeah, I know, shut up.

Sorry for the prolonged silence, folks. Daddy has been busy, however, some good news is on the way. Something very big is brewing that hopefully I’ll be able to talk about here soon. I’m keeping it vague for now, pretty much just to be a dick, but trust me, shit is about to go down.

Meanwhile, to tide you over, here’s this…


Winnipeg Writes a Letter to Conan O’Brien

As some of you may be aware, late night troubadour Conan O’Brien has been getting handed the shitty end of many sticks lately. In solidarity, the cast and audience of Comedy Loser, one of my favourite regular shows in the city, banded together to write him a letter.

You know the old saying about how if you put a thousand monkeys in a room with a thousand typewriters that eventually they will write Shakespeare? Well, I think this video is a shining example of that theory being put to the test. Regardless, it’s from the heart, and proof that all of Winnipeg stands behind our beloved CoCo. 

Ryan McMahon hosted it. I taped it. A crowd of over 120 is responsible for it.

Go Team Conan.

The Picture Radio – Kidz Korner

With sincere apologies to children, the people who make them, Santa Claus, fans of cancelled television shows, the dead, homeless people, and guitar owners.

Vol 1 in HQ is HERE

Vol 2 in HQ is HERE

The Picture Radio – Zombie Walk, Slow Clap

Word Count – 150

Well folks, I am happy to report that stand up comedy in Winnipeg is alive and well. I knew all of you were losing a lot of sleep over that, but rest assured, the young men and women of this city with severe issues that have chosen to air their grievances publicly are, as always, in top form.

Thanks to the lovely John B Duff, many of us have found a happy home at the Cavern Open Mic, which is quickly becoming my favourite venue in the city. A regular weekly gig is incredibly helpful for all of us, and its a great place to roll the dice and try out some new stuff. (re: an exponentially increased chance of failure and crying)

In that spirit, please enjoy the following clip from last night, where I discuss the zombie walk phenomina, and the glory and wonder that is the slow clap.

View in HQ here.

PS – I am deadly serious about organizing the run-arounds. In the spring when the weather is nicer, I’ll see if I can get something together. I have very high hopes for that.

The Picture Radio – Stand Up Double Shot

You know, people are constantly never asking me, “Hey J.D., what kind of stuff do you perform when you do stand up?”. Which is a shame, because they really should.

Just so I will never have to answer that question if and when it is ever asked, here is a taste of one of my more recent sets at the Kings Head Pub, as part of the Free Laughs 5 Minute Comedy Contest. Special thanks to Ryan McMahon for putting on the show, and John B. Duff for the very helpful “WHAAAT!?!” in the second video.

The Picture Radio – Discount Drugs

View in HQ – HERE